Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy day/week/life, so I'll keep this one brief. It's Easter. We ate too much stuff like steak and potatoes and desserts and jelly beans and chocolate rabbit heads on a stick. The kids had a great time looking for eggs. The best part: actual green stuff (like thick grass and bushes and blooming trees) in which to hide the eggs. I am LOVING all the greenage in this Utah place! It's the besssst!

This is my favoritest picture of all. Look how cute and well-behaved they look right before church (well, 'cept for tiny Lucas):

The Easter bunny brought sunglasses for, uh, Hallie and Livvi. Lucas was pretty fascinated with them.

Livvi-lu got her hairs cut. Mommy's glad. I love this cut on her. She's got the face for it.


Anthony said...

You are a good mom -- my kids have no pictures of them in their Easter clothes. Ah well, maybe I'll take a picture of them in random clothes next week and post it as their Easter clothes. I agree w/ you, Livvy's hair is darling on her face!

Cobyflier said...

So Cute! Did you throw any of those Easter Eggs at our old house?

We are loving DC. It is greening up and I forgot how much I missed the green grass/trees/ etc. Happy (late) Easter!

BossyMommy said...

Not sure if that's Deb or Jeff up there, but anyway...yes, green is great! I was so done with dirt and cactus (cacti?) and tan houses everywhere. Did you see all the grass in the background?! I love Utah! And no I didn't get around to egging your house. But there's still time. After all, it *IS* family home evening night and I need a good family bonding activity. Thanks for the idea.

jennburn said...

Hi Jacey,

Good to hear about your family. I loved seeing everyone's pics. Sounds like your loving Utah. I love the pic of Ben looking at the Easter egg. Reminds me of one I took at my house. Miss you guys. We are so excited to be joining you guys in Utah. We will be up by Lori in Kaysville sometime this summer if all goes well. Maybe someday I'll blog. Love ya,