Monday, December 28, 2009

Is it January yet?

Just a few random pics from the past month.  I won't go into too much detail.  I think our December can probably be summed up in the same way that most everyone else's is.

It may be premature to be doing a summary of the month of December since it technically isn't over yet.  But I really WISH it was over.  Is that good enough?

Most kidding aside, we really did have a fun month, chaotic as it was.  Here are the highlights:

Jerry finished his mission to Boise, Idaho and we were all able to get together with him here in Utah as he made his way back to Arizona.  Going to the conference center for the annual Christmas Devotional was a great experience, but maybe one of those things you don't do every year.  There's something to be said for watching it at the your jammies.

Have I mentioned that I love my brother in law, Phil?  I do!

at the airport on arrival day.  My kids ADORE their uncle Jerry!

It wouldn't be Christmas without a trip to the mall to see Santa.  Really, mall people, could we have moved the box fan out of the way for the picture?

Sledding.  I love sledding!  That tiny tiny dot at the bottom of the hill is Hallie.

Lucas isn't feeling the sledding love, apparently.  He went down the hill on my lap and never made a peep.  As soon as we came to a stop, this is what happened.  No idea why:

A big snowfall means a big snowball fight.  I couldn't resist this shot of Livvi in the midst of being pelted with snowballs.  What a doll face.

Not sure why Lucas is so happy about being hit with one snowball after another.  Did you see the sledding picture?  Can't figure this kid out.

This picture has no purpose.  Livvi decided to come to dinner dressed in a Supergirl outfit.  All that saving the world stuff makes Supergirl thirsty, I guess.  Random photo of the month.