Monday, May 28, 2007

Jerry's Graduation & Memorial Day Weekend

Just came back from a long weekend in Mesa for Jerry's high school graduation. He's such a great kid...I love him! And my children think the sun shines out of his butt. When we got to church Sunday morning and B realized that uncle Jerry was gone for good (well to Utah for 2 months), his little eyelashes started batting as he tried to fight the big crocodile tears that filled his eyes. It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen!

The biggest event of the weekend (well, next to Jerry graduating, of course) was when we went to the Epps' house for a bbq/swim party, and Hallie finally learned to swim! By the time we left there, she was jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool. Yay for Hallie! And Livvi did great, too! She's not quite a swimmer yet, but almost. She jumped off the diving board to her uncles and jumped off the side a lot, too. Thank you uncle Jim and uncle Jerry for teaching your adoring nieces to swim.