Monday, April 27, 2009

Family DysFunction

Sorry to have teased you. Trying this one again. More to come...

Monday, April 20, 2009

How 'bout this weather?

On Easter Sunday, we were doing this:

Then, just four short days later, we woke up to this:

I know some of you may think that this desert rat would be horrified at this sight, but I'll have you know, I LOVE it! Spring snow is awesome! Everything was blanketed in white and it was gorgeous. Then gone in a day.

So this weekend, since it was the kids' spring break and we'd been rained and snowed on all week, we decided to drive a little south to St. George and do this:

We went to Nielsens frozen custard (cause aunt Beffie told us to) and indulged in a little frozen goodness. I'll have you know *I* didn't. I was good (in case my personal trainer is reading). Isn't this the best picture of Lucas? I think it's my favorite from the trip. It's very "him."

Stopped off at the historic Brigham Young winter home. Very cool to see how they lived back in the day. The kids were way more into it than I thought they'd be. And they were slightly puzzled at the fact that there were no bathrooms in that house! The PERFECT opportunity to remind them how easy their lives are. I love being a mom.
Next stop, St. George Temple. What a beautiful place. The grounds, the building, the surrounding neighborhood. Goooorgeous. And nobody fell in the fountain. Thank goodness for small favors.

All in all, we had a great time. It was a quick trip, but the kids were glad to go on a little mini vacation. I came home with a sunburn, but isn't that the universal sign that you had too much fun? It's all good...

Oops...almost forgot! Last week we also took a little trip to the BYU MOA (that'd be Museum of Art for you lay folk). My kids love BYU. We could go there for dental work and they'd think it was the best day ever ('specially when Auntie Lyssa goes with us and we get to eat lunch outside).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy day/week/life, so I'll keep this one brief. It's Easter. We ate too much stuff like steak and potatoes and desserts and jelly beans and chocolate rabbit heads on a stick. The kids had a great time looking for eggs. The best part: actual green stuff (like thick grass and bushes and blooming trees) in which to hide the eggs. I am LOVING all the greenage in this Utah place! It's the besssst!

This is my favoritest picture of all. Look how cute and well-behaved they look right before church (well, 'cept for tiny Lucas):

The Easter bunny brought sunglasses for, uh, Hallie and Livvi. Lucas was pretty fascinated with them.

Livvi-lu got her hairs cut. Mommy's glad. I love this cut on her. She's got the face for it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bee Happy

Once again, it's been a while since I've posted. Let me just lovingly and respectfully say: Get used to it. Life is a little hairy these days. I'm not complaining. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But every moment, from 4:30am to 10/11 every night is full. Jam-packed. Scrunched. Nuff adjectives for ya?

To catch up on my blogging slackfulness, here's what you've missed and have probably been losing sleep over:

HALLIE WON HER VERY FIRST EVER SPELLING BEE! She beat out some pretty stiff competition, too. I was a very proud mommy on that day. And who are we kidding? You KNOW the girl's genes came seriously into play here.

Good job, Hallie! Sorry it took me so long to post this. You done a good jaaaerb. (private joke)

Moving on...

Writing assignments.

I like to write. Almost as much as I like to edit OTHER people's writing (usually unsolicited). So a while back, my friend and I (also a writer who loves being edited by me as much as you all do) decided to challenge ourselves weekly by picking random topics and setting a deadline and critiquing one another's finished products. This week's topic: door to door salesmen.

I thought it would be fun, for me at least, to post my finished products on the blog. See what the world thinks of me. "Enough about me...what do YOU think of me??" I'm starting today with my most recent (just finished it about a half hour ago). Whether or not I post more depends on the response I get here. I'm interested in all feedback, nice and not-so-nice, so lay it on me! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MAY NOT KNOW AND LOVE ME SO WELL YET...IT'S SATIRE! MOSTLY FICTION! And go ahead and read it and tell me you've never fantasized about it!

Anyway, here's the first installment:

Where’s the Beef?

In my little corner of the planet, there’s more to spring than chirping birds, sun-shiny days, and blossoming blossoms. Spring has its drawbacks, too. It is often ushered in by an unwelcome hint of partially-thawed meat and super-strength cleaning products that waft in the cool April breezes. Yes, in my neighborhood at least, the phrase “spring has sprung” can sound more like a grim warning than a joyful declaration.

During one warm, seemingly blissful afternoon in particular, my kids feverishly work on their math homework. I stand staring blankly into my open refrigerator, indecisive about the evening meal. Outside, children romp innocently in the grass of a nearby park. All of us are blissfully unaware of the evil that lurks just around the corner.

The doorbell rings and instantly my kids abandon their studies to run to the door. I, too, feel a twinge of excitement. Is it another friendly neighbor bearing a gift of baked goodies…or perhaps a potential playmate wanting to whisk one or more of my children away for an hour or so? I open the door and my excitement immediately gives way to horror. It’s a salesman—one of those door-to-door kind. The warm weather brings them out like it’s brought a trail of ants to my laundry room. I sprayed the ants with a toxic substance. They went away. Use of that tactic on a human (I use that term loosely here) could have some legal ramifications. I’ve been meaning to check into it.

His opening line to me is an inquiry as to whether or not my family eats meat. Faster than I can sarcastically reply with, “Duh, of course we…,” the man is standing—and perspiring—in my kitchen, with all of his wares laid out in their marbled glory on my counter like a buffet spread at an Atkins convention.

As he works his protein-peddling magic, I come dangerously close to buying more meat than my family could ever consume in a year. In what can only be described as a temporary onset of insanity, I agree to make a purchase; one so hefty that it actually requires me to pay in installments. He excitedly trots out the front door and across the street to gather up the necessary documents from his MeatMobile-slash-office. My heart begins to pound out of my chest. My palms sweat and my knees knock together.

What am I thinking? Who finances meat purchases from a 350-pound guy in a Datsun? How do I get out of this? Am I really about to sign my life away for a few bacon-wrapped filets and a hundred or so pre-made burger patties? My panic swells as he turns from his truck to make his way across the street once again. This is it. I’m trapped. No turning back now.

Then it happens.

As the unwitting peddler takes a few steps into the street, his giddiness over the possibility of a profit seems to distract his mind from the “look both ways” rule. Without warning, like a lead-footed answer to a prayer, a bakery truck driver speedily rounds the corner and makes minced meat out of my salesman. I stare in disbelief for a moment or two, morbidly amused at the irony of being saved from burger bankruptcy by a bun-wielding bread truck. Disaster averted. I return the checkbook to my purse and shut the door.

Now, kids, what shall we have for dinner? I suddenly have a taste for pot roast.


The End. If you read this far, thanks! Now, be gentle with me.