Monday, April 20, 2009

How 'bout this weather?

On Easter Sunday, we were doing this:

Then, just four short days later, we woke up to this:

I know some of you may think that this desert rat would be horrified at this sight, but I'll have you know, I LOVE it! Spring snow is awesome! Everything was blanketed in white and it was gorgeous. Then gone in a day.

So this weekend, since it was the kids' spring break and we'd been rained and snowed on all week, we decided to drive a little south to St. George and do this:

We went to Nielsens frozen custard (cause aunt Beffie told us to) and indulged in a little frozen goodness. I'll have you know *I* didn't. I was good (in case my personal trainer is reading). Isn't this the best picture of Lucas? I think it's my favorite from the trip. It's very "him."

Stopped off at the historic Brigham Young winter home. Very cool to see how they lived back in the day. The kids were way more into it than I thought they'd be. And they were slightly puzzled at the fact that there were no bathrooms in that house! The PERFECT opportunity to remind them how easy their lives are. I love being a mom.
Next stop, St. George Temple. What a beautiful place. The grounds, the building, the surrounding neighborhood. Goooorgeous. And nobody fell in the fountain. Thank goodness for small favors.

All in all, we had a great time. It was a quick trip, but the kids were glad to go on a little mini vacation. I came home with a sunburn, but isn't that the universal sign that you had too much fun? It's all good...

Oops...almost forgot! Last week we also took a little trip to the BYU MOA (that'd be Museum of Art for you lay folk). My kids love BYU. We could go there for dental work and they'd think it was the best day ever ('specially when Auntie Lyssa goes with us and we get to eat lunch outside).


Donna said...

What a fun, getaway for all of you!
Glad you did it! Everyone needs a look so happy, even Lucas!
Take care,
Auntie Donna

Tam said...

Oh, I miss Nielsens. How could you not imbibe? The chocolate w/ cashews is worth selling a kid for. Dont miss the snow but do miss the custard!

BossyMommy said...

Did Tami say "imbibe?"

wog said...

Love reading your blog and really glad things are so good. You're a great mommy. ;)