Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gentle Ben

Six years ago today, after many long hours of grueling labor (ok, not really, I had an epidural the entire time--piece o' cake), little Benjamin Walker Reynolds joined our family.  He had the biggest Precious Moments eyes and the longest eyelashes I think I've ever seen on a kid.  He's always had a smile that could melt the iciest of hearts.  His smile is really one of the things I love most about him.  Even when he's being a stinker and throwing a fit or screaming in agony because of some bodily harm that Olivia has just inflicted upon him, it takes very little to get him to crack a smile and giggle and forget his woes.

In honor of his special day, here are six reasons I love Ben.  Of course, there are more than six, but it's a tradition thing.

1.  The smile that lights up any room (I already said that, I know)
2.  His sweet, gentle, quiet nature.  Everyone who knows Ben knows him as the quiet one (that's starting to change a little, but mostly it's still true).
3.  Ben has a great sense of humor for a 6 year old.  He sees the humor in things where many kids his age might not.
4.  Ben is kind.  He's quick to share with his baby brother.  That's saying something, considering Lucas wouldn't share with Ben if his life depended on it.
5.  Ben is easy going.  The kid just goes with the flow.
6.  Ben is cute, cute, CUTE!  Those big blue eyes are just wicked handsome.

Love you, Ben!  I hope you're having a perfect day!

See what I mean about the eyes??

Ben's perpetual goose egg.  He's really lucky.  
Every time he's had an accident, his forehead has been there to break the fall.  Yes, the next three pics are all separate incidents.