Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Potpourri

I like blog posts with a theme, but since it's been a while since I've posted, it's potpourri time. I'm too tired and busy to care about themes at the moment!! We took a trip to Nanna's this weekend. The girls were back from their trip to Utah with the aunties (click here for pics on auntie Jenna's blog), so mommy and the boys made the drive to go pick 'em up. We got to spend a little time with Bethany and Jim (love you guys). My kiddos love their uncle Jim and they had a great time with him in the pool. He had them going down the slide and jumping off the rock waterfall into the pool. Did I mention that it is FREAKING HOT in Phoenix??? (sorry mom, I know you don't love it when I use that word). But 117 degrees is just a bit much for me.

Lucas was slightly worn out by the heat and all the activity.
I really like Bethany's haircut, so she was kind enough to pose for me in case I want to show it to my stylist. Isn't she cute?
Now, if you've ever wondered what happens when a mischievous two year old gets hold of the camera...wonder no more. See below.
Thank you to the three aunties (and the respective uncles) for making my girls' trip to Utah so wonderful. They had a great time.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday in the Park...and the play pool

This is really not a very significant post. I just think these pictures are funny and needed to be blogged about. I took 4 kids to the park on Saturday morning and we ate breakfast there. Look at their faces. You'd think I never let them outside. Well, they ARE my children. I suppose it's possible they're just a couple tacos short of a combination plate. After much mayhem in the park (chasing Lucas across the field to keep him from bolting into main street traffic--he likes moving cars--A LOT; tossing the frisbee around; fighting off park bullies), we went home and splashed around in the play pool a little. All in all, a successful day. Any day where I can use outdoor activity to tire my kids out is a success in my book.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Action Shots

Lots of pictures to catch up on today. We've been busy!

We took a trip to Mesa last week to visit mom and Alyssa for a couple of days. Thanks to Aunt Donna for letting us invade her game room and her pool. We only peed in it once, Auntie Donna. Promise. (the pool, not the game room) Look at the face on Livvi! Isn't she too cute?

This is what it looks like when a normal person tries to play ping pong with Hallie. Dontcha just love Hallie's "oops, did I do that" face??

More pictures from our Mesa trip. The cool buffalo is out in front of the gas station that we always have to stop at when we travel to Nanna's house. No, not for gas. Somebody inevitably will always need to pee. (wow, I've said "pee" twice in this post already. That's unusual). Auntie Lyssa was nice enough to read to the kids. And we went to our favorite messican restaurant--Rosa's. Yummyyyyy!!

Thanks to Debi U. for letting us use her pool (and thanks in advance because you know we'll be back a lot this summer, Deb!!). Lucas wanted nothing to do with the water. Too bad, Lukie--the water was absolutely poifect. He stayed outside the pool fence the whole time. Stinker.