Friday, March 6, 2009

Three Times the Fun

I'm playing catch up today. You get three posts for the price of one.
I have a confession to make. I have a new guilty pleasure (yeah, like I really needed anooother one). My girls and I are severely diggin' on a show called America's Best Dance Crew (produced by American Idol's own Randy Jackson and known as ABDC to us really "down" homies). Warning: If you don't like to watch unbelievably amazingly ridiculously cool dancing, do NOT watch this video. This group just won this season's competition, and THIS is the dance that cinched it for them. Pay close attention to the little surprise move at the end. Awesome! I'm excited for Season 4.

Happy (late) Birthday, Benjamin!

I'm a slacker. Sorry, Ben. His birthday was six days ago. I'm not quite a week late. Does that make me a better mommy? Don't answer that. Anyhooooo, he turned the big #5. He's such a good kid. If you don't know Ben, he's gentle and quiet and easier to get along with than just about anybody I know. He rarely disobeys me and is always quick to do what he's asked to do. Not to mention the cutest little Precious Moments face EVER. Needless to say, I love him to bits. His simple bday request was to go with his family to see "Coraline" at the movie theaters and have some cheesecake. So that's what we did. A few pics from that day:

Putting together the Star Wars spaceship present:

Yes, that's STORE-BOUGHT cheesecake. Have you met me?

Get OUT of the fridge!!!!!!!

If you have children 18 months or older, you know how many times a day you utter (ok...yell, shout, threaten) those words...GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! My tiny Lucas brought new meaning to that utterance recently, and almost gave his mommy a coronary in the process. It went down like this:

I enter the kitchen to retrieve/clean/prepare something. I don't recall what. I notice the fridge door is slightly ajar, but it's not worrisome to me. Lucas is constantly foraging through it and always leaves it open...ALWAYS! I had plans to shut it momentarily. I finish what I'm doing and turn around to get what I need from the fridge...

Ta-Daaaaa!!!! There's a toddler in my refrigerator!!! After I got over the initial fright that caused me to clutch my chest and breathe sporadically (yep, it scared the poo out of me, ok?! I'm not normally greeted by leprechauns when I open my refrigerator door!), I took a few moments to bask in the cuteness that IS tiny Lucas. You can do the same with the next few photos:

Finally, I got over the cuteness and scolded the little devil and gave him specific instructions...once again...TO GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! He knew he was in for it and made his escape:
And now for those *other* words so often uttered by us moms : It's a good thing he's cute.