Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy (late) Birthday, Benjamin!

I'm a slacker. Sorry, Ben. His birthday was six days ago. I'm not quite a week late. Does that make me a better mommy? Don't answer that. Anyhooooo, he turned the big #5. He's such a good kid. If you don't know Ben, he's gentle and quiet and easier to get along with than just about anybody I know. He rarely disobeys me and is always quick to do what he's asked to do. Not to mention the cutest little Precious Moments face EVER. Needless to say, I love him to bits. His simple bday request was to go with his family to see "Coraline" at the movie theaters and have some cheesecake. So that's what we did. A few pics from that day:

Putting together the Star Wars spaceship present:

Yes, that's STORE-BOUGHT cheesecake. Have you met me?


Kristi Smith said...

You definitely should win Mother of the Year!!!

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!
He is getting so big! How are all of you doing? Do you like Utah? Maybe I should ask you that in a couple of months when all the snow has melted!
Good to hear from you, Jacey...
Take care,
Auntie Donna