Saturday, October 16, 2010

In the Spirit

Our annual tradition since moving to Utah is visiting the Spirit Halloween store some time in October.  We're the annoying family of five who spends an hour-and-a-half in the store going around touching all the displays with the "Please do not touch display" signs, taking pictures of ourselves with all the scary characters, then spending less than $10 when all is said and done.

Yup, the Spirit Halloween employees LOOOOVE us.

It's just not Halloween without two-headed babies, don't you agree?

's what Livvi's been up to.  I've got to get this kid a new hobby.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We had a near perfect day yesterday.  For you locals, if you have not been to Wheeler Farm, I highly recommend you get your family there before the weather turns cold.  What a beautiful place.  Animals, corn maze, pumpkins, wagon rides, duck pond, creek...just a wonderful setting for walking around and enjoying nature and the gorgeous, crisp fall weather.   Not sold yet?  Check out these happy faces:

There's a reason that bunny was hiding in the corner.

This is my most favoritest chicken EVER.  Look at this thing!  At first I felt sorry for her because she looks like she's been picked on (literally and figuratively) A LOT.  But as I watched, it seemed SHE was the big bully of the coop.  Constantly going around and annoying the others and trying to start fights.  I'm in love with her and her beautiful pesky featherlessness.  

...anybody remember Fire Marshall Bill from the old In Living Color days?  That's who I immediately thought of when I saw this chicken.  Quite the uncanny resemblance, no?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

28,000 words or so

I've got a lot of words for you today.  You know, since pictures are worth, like, a thousand each?

Lunch at Peteetneet.  Windy as heck!

...then on to the new splash pad.  Did I mention windy as heck?

The newest decorative gargoyle at the temple grounds

Playing with fire WELL after the fourth of July

Emma and Lucas sharing some cousin germs

Onion days in Payson. This ride was as brave as Ben got, but... 

...Lucas wanted to ride this.  And he did.  The kid is about two feet tall, so this was interesting.  Looked like he was going to pass out or puke or both the entire time.  Luckily, he did neither. 

 I think this pepper's parents were related.  

 Scaring...uh...playing with the ducks.

 The undead can be so juvenile sometimes

 Wouldn't be a white trash hoedown without a tire swing...

...and a girl holding a chicken

Emily came to visit me.  I heart her.  That is all. 

More white trash hoedown fun.  

Now THAT's a sunset, baby. 

Fall picnic in Payson Canyon.  I heart Utah in autumn.  That is all. 

Have you seen six bluer eyeballs in your LIFE?  Me neither. 

You may notice I'm missing an  
She was grounded from all things fun on this particular outing.  Poor girl. 

He REEEALLY had to go, OK?  And I REEEALLY had to take a picture, OK? 

Beautiful view of Utah Lake from the temple grounds at sunset.

No, I have NOT lost my ever loving mind.  These were loaners.  The puppies, not the animals holding them.  I admit, they're cute. But they've gone back from whence they came.  Nope, not sad.

THIS, however, is NOT a loaner.  She's all ours.  Yup, sad.