Friday, August 13, 2010

We've Been B-U-S-Y

I spend six weeks with no kids and have nothing to post about.  Suddenly, they're home, and there's PLENTY going on, but NO TIME to blog about it!  Sorry for all the sleep I know you've been losing over that.  You can read through this post and consider yourself caught up.  You're welcome.

Kids came home two weeks ago today.  

Livvi's baptism was the very next morning.  Craziness!  Her uncle Jerry baptized her.  I love this picture.

After the baptism, it was time to PAR-TAY!  Thanks to the loaner from my sweet friend, we were able to have all the neighborhood kids over to play on this inflatable water slide.  They had a blast!  Good times.

Yet another picture of Jerry with food in his mouth.

Livvi opens her presents while uncle Jim tries to get out of the way of the camera.  Nice try, Uncle Jim.

Only Hallie would feel the need to accessorize for a water party.

I've been in love with the Utah sky lately.

Some cute faces.   

Little men in tights.

Bowling night with the fam.  Sorry 'bout the blurry pics.

Not sure what kind of face this is.

Pretty much how every Monday evening family night ends up.  
Feel the love, people.  Feel the love.

SUPER fun day at the Payson Pool.  Mommy had fun, too!

On tap tomorrow:  School shopping!   I can tell you right now there will be NO photos of this little adventure.  Four kids, crowded stores, major meltdowns...not something I care to commemorate in pictures.  You'll just have to use your imagination.