Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Head Gear

Sorry all you moms out there with little ones, but I defy you to find me a cuter face than this one. He put sissy's little cowgirl hat purty. The boy has recently developed an obsession with hats, except that they're not actually hats. He TURNS things into hats. I dropped a clean dish rag on the floor the other day, he came along and put it on his head. He puts stuffed animals on his head and walks around trying to balance them. Yup, he's odd. Genetics just aren't in his favor, I'm afraid. But when you're this cute, normalcy is not a requirement.

Speaking of odd, here we have H wearing my pirate wench wig from last Halloween. Not sure why she's doing the muscle-head bicep flex, or what that has to do with pirate wenches, but again I think it's all about the genes. Just ain't her fault!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dang Mormon Friends

To begin with, if you are not of the mormon persuasion, it may be best to skip this post altogether, as you'll likely find the lingo to be very confusing and nonsensical. The rest of you crazy mo-mo's, feel free to read on.

In response to our...ahem....home teacher’s list of services and prices, I respectfully submit my own list of "services" along with fee schedule (or damages due to extreme emotional distress, however you wanna look at it):

-Sitting on the couch and listening to yet ANOTHER one of your riveting personal experiences: $10,000.00

-Needing a priesthood blessing but not calling you because we’re not even sure if you’re still our home teacher: $25,000.00

-Reporting you to the EQ Prez, the bishop, the stake president, and Salt Lake for ethical violations in relation to asking members to pay for services which are supposed to be free-of-charge: PRICELESS.

And yes, Polly, this one's for you, too, cuz I know you had to somehow be behind the whole "Price List" thing.

And in case anyone's wondering, yes, that is our wonderful, spiritual-giant-of-a-guy home teacher, Matt, pictured above. See what we have to deal with?? CLICK HERE TO VISIT MATT & POLLY'S WOG BLOG.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good job, L!

This is a couple of weeks late, but he is walking. He's so ridiculously short and looks like a little troll walking around the house, but it's vewy, vewy cute.

Now look at the the boy getting a hair cut--he's so very handsome! Yes, he's had one before, but usually he screams and throws a fit when the clippers come out. He did so well this time. Probably didn't hurt that he was LOOONG overdue for a nap and barely had the strength to put up a fight (note to self for next haircut). Good job, L--on the walking AND the haircut!
See lots more pictures HERE.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Milking this one for all its worth.

I know I just posted last night, but every once in a while, when you're a mom, life just hands you one of those moments where you either have to yell, cry, or laugh really hard and take lots of pictures. What you see here was one of those moments for me this morning as we were getting ready for school. I chose to laugh and take pictures. I just couldn't help it. Here's how it unfolded...
B comes in and gets his cup of milk and spills some on the tile. So I wipe it up with a wet rag. O immediately follows him, grabbing her cup of milk and walking across the wet spot on the tile, causing her to slip. Somehow the cup full of milk goes straight up in the air and comes straight down on her head, dripping down onto her face, shirt and pants, and leaving big puddles on the floor. Who knew a little cup of milk could cover so much territory? As always, I made her suffer for a minute or two while I snapped some pictures. Pay close attention to the pic taken from the back--her hair is DRENCHED in milk. MOO.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Somewhere Over the RainbowS?

Yup, a double rainbow. My kids were so excited I thought they'd wet their pants. So I of course had to take pictures of them with the rainbows in the background. Kinda cool, I have to admit. Now, if we could just eliminate my white-trash yard from the background, it'd be picture-perfect!


H lost her first tooth...finally, for crying out loud! Her poor little baby teeth are getting ground down to nothing, and all her friends have a bunch of permanent teeth. She feels like a freak, poor girl! Good thing you're beautiful, H. We love you, even if you don't have missing teeth. (huh?)