Monday, May 24, 2010

My Baby's Not a Baby

This darling little creature (the one I plan to call my baby forever and turn into the most obnoxious mama's boy EVER) turns four today.   Seems like it was just yesterday that I drove to the hospital, got my epidural, and had the easiest four hours of  labor in the history of womankind (and you were expecting a horror story). I do remember that as he was making his entrance, the doctor exclaimed, "Wow!  Look at all that dark hair!"   I assured the doctor he had his birth canals mixed up because nothing with dark hair has ever exited my womb.  But sure enough, he had a head full of dark hair, and he's been different from his siblings in many other ways ever since!

He's grown up and changed so much in the last couple of years.  He's gone from a kid who wanted nothing to do with people or eye contact or kissing or hugging or being a kid who gets tossed off my lap because he won't STOP hugging and kissing me!  He's got one heck of a naughty streak, but all in all, he's such a good, happy, precious boy and I love him to bits.

His hair is wet because he was in the bath, not from playing in the toilet.

A friend who's never met Lucas took one look at this pic once and said, "Wow, you're gonna be visiting that kid on the weekends."  Yup, he's a thug.

One of my all time favorite pictures.  Lucas protesting being forced to play the "baby" Jesus at our family Christmas gathering.  Oh, dear.

Happy birthday, Tiny Lucas!  Your family loves you and is so glad you joined us!  It's been an adventure from day one.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Here Comes the Sun, Little Darlins

Slowly but surely, our weather has been warming up.  Today was absolutely perfect, so we took a drive and ended up somewhere we've never been before.   We found the most perfect little spot for a picnic on a blanket, right next to the SF River.  It was a little piece of heaven on earth.

I don't think she's really asleep, do you?

Right after I took this cute little group shot and we were walking along the river, a snake crossed my flip-flop-footed path.  EEEK!  I HATE snakes!

Here we have Hal demonstrating the improper usage of playground equipment.
Write your own caption for this one.

This was our family night at the park last week.  My kids are always looking for new ways to torment ducks.

Last weekend's trip to Gardner Village.  Can't go to GV without doing the pony rides.

I had to take a picture of this.  This funny little baby goat was dancing on this sleeping pig.  The pig never even flinched.  My kids got a huge kick out of this.

Liv doing her impression of a llama.  He was glaring at her.  Pretty sure he was about to spit.

It was a great day for a trip to GV.   We had a marvelous time, until we didn't (referencing kids starting to melt down and throw fits, signalling it was time to go)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look Who's Turning 34-ish!

In honor of my dear friend Jonathan, whose birthday is today, and who wants to be turning 34, the following is my list of 34 reasons I love and adore this birthday boy.

1.  He likes road trips.
2.  He smells really really good.
3.  He doesn't put up with my nonsense.
4.  Sometimes he puts up with my nonsense.
5.  He is one of the kindest people I know.
6.  He likes me even though I'm a racist.
7.  He is the best daddy to his kids. EVER.
8.  The baby browns are to die for.
9.  He's one of those sexy geeks.
10.  He's helped me fix my computer more times than I can count.
11. He's helped me fix my attitude more times than I can count.
12. He can ride his bike really really far.
13. He can do P90X yoga.
14. His thighs are granite-like.
15. He shares Double Stuf Oreos and an ice cold glass of milk with me whenever I see him.
16. He's done this: and says I should do it, too.
17.  He gives good hugs.
18.  and even better forehead kisses.
19.  He convinces me I can do things when I've convinced myself I can't
20. He looks divine in a suit
21.  He let me drive the hot red Camaro (oh no, wait, that was the Saturn).  Dang.
22.  He showed me around Chicago (and we had so much fun!)
23.  He hiked with me and made me go farther than I wanted to
24. He loves The Office.
25.  He watches it with me.
26.  He runs on common sense when all I'm running on is hormones and emotion.
27.  He is amazingly patient
28.  He never yells (at me), but I'm pretty sure he wants to sometimes
29. He wants to be a ski bum some day
30.  He's as genuine and straightforward as they come
31.  He always does the right thing, even when it sucks big time
32.  He's a hard worker
33.  He's honest
34.  He looks mighty fine with a goatee

Happy 34th-ish to my third favorite man on the planet.  I hope your day is whatever you want it to be.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April...and a little bit of May

We had a fun and busy month.  The weather has been wild.  The warm, sunny days were few and far between in April, but we sure appreciated them when they came!

WARNING:  You're going to have to put up with A LOT of pictures for this post.  As always, though, they're dang cute. 

First of all, we took a really fun trip to St. George early in the month.  It was so nice to hang by the pool in the warm weather and just enjoy being outside.  Here are some of the highlights:

This was such a classic Lukie moment.  Got out of the pool, pulled up a lounge chair next to mine, and pulled a towel over his head and went to sleep.  Such a cute boy.

One of my favorite moments of the trip.  I love my little ham.

Ben asked me to take a picture of him in front of the Jesus statue.  How could I say no?

One of those rare sunny days back at home.  Picnic in the park with Nanna.  The ice cream man showed up.

...then back to Nanna's house for some wig modeling.

The latest treasure we've found close to home:  The paved path all along the river that winds around the sports park where the kids play soccer.  This made for a great (but chilly) Sunday evening stroll.

We found a field full of dandelions.  Tiny Lucas had never blown on a dandelion before.  He was in heaven.

Hallie even talked mommy into posing for a picture.  Can anyone say "age-reduction feature in Photoshop, purty please?"  Ack!

Ben's kindergarten class did the most adorable little animal play in prep for their trip to the zoo.  I bet you've never seen a cuter crocodile in your life.

My girls got to kick and punch and eye-poke the snot out of a "bad guy" in their child safety program graduation.  They put the hurt on.  Good job, girls!