Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look Who's Turning 34-ish!

In honor of my dear friend Jonathan, whose birthday is today, and who wants to be turning 34, the following is my list of 34 reasons I love and adore this birthday boy.

1.  He likes road trips.
2.  He smells really really good.
3.  He doesn't put up with my nonsense.
4.  Sometimes he puts up with my nonsense.
5.  He is one of the kindest people I know.
6.  He likes me even though I'm a racist.
7.  He is the best daddy to his kids. EVER.
8.  The baby browns are to die for.
9.  He's one of those sexy geeks.
10.  He's helped me fix my computer more times than I can count.
11. He's helped me fix my attitude more times than I can count.
12. He can ride his bike really really far.
13. He can do P90X yoga.
14. His thighs are granite-like.
15. He shares Double Stuf Oreos and an ice cold glass of milk with me whenever I see him.
16. He's done this: and says I should do it, too.
17.  He gives good hugs.
18.  and even better forehead kisses.
19.  He convinces me I can do things when I've convinced myself I can't
20. He looks divine in a suit
21.  He let me drive the hot red Camaro (oh no, wait, that was the Saturn).  Dang.
22.  He showed me around Chicago (and we had so much fun!)
23.  He hiked with me and made me go farther than I wanted to
24. He loves The Office.
25.  He watches it with me.
26.  He runs on common sense when all I'm running on is hormones and emotion.
27.  He is amazingly patient
28.  He never yells (at me), but I'm pretty sure he wants to sometimes
29. He wants to be a ski bum some day
30.  He's as genuine and straightforward as they come
31.  He always does the right thing, even when it sucks big time
32.  He's a hard worker
33.  He's honest
34.  He looks mighty fine with a goatee

Happy 34th-ish to my third favorite man on the planet.  I hope your day is whatever you want it to be.

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