Thursday, October 16, 2008

Say No to Ducks

A summary of the last few days:

Last week was anti-drugs week at Hallie and Livvi's school. (They do that in Utah? 'pparently.) So each day was a fun little theme day. Can you guess by the following hair photos what Wednesday was? Ding ding ding! You guessed it! Crazy hair day! And can you guess by the photos which child was not thrilled about having her picture taken with crazy hair? Right again!

Nuff said.

On to this week: A three-day school week. Why, you ask? Because of some big deer hunt that goes on every year at this time. A big deal in these parts. But why do *I* have to be punished along with the poor unsuspecting deer? Four days in a row with FOUR children home? ALL day long? ...sigh...

So, the plan is to keep them entertained. Occupied. Not an easy task. Off to the park we went. During a moment of insanity, I may have casually mentioned that there MIGHT be a pond at the park where we were going. Side note: Do NOT mention the possibility of ponds to young children when headed to the park. So we packed up the bread and headed for the park with the pond. We get there and fo shizzle, there's a pond! WITH DUCKS!!! We get out of the car and we start breaking off pieces of bread for the hungry little duckies. All fun and games. The ducks were thrilled. The kids were excited. Hallie may have gotten a little TOO excited, however. She couldn't resist the urge to keep picking up ducks. Turns out ducks don't like to be cuddled so much. I kept warning her that something bad was going to happen if she continued her duck-loving ways. But if you know Hallie, you know she can't help herself. I'll let the pictures tell the story. To quote a favorite cable news channel: WE report. YOU decide.
Think the duck was happy about being man-handled? Me neither. Still, the funniest part of my day. Maybe even my week. Hallie's not laughing...yet.


The Solomon Fam said...

Poor Hallie! I guess that's one way to get someone to put you down. I love the crazy hair!

Donna said...

Hey, Jacey!
Looks like you're getting settled in up there...even with the water fouls! Your kids are so cute!
Good to hear from you,
Aunt Donna

Tam said...

Thats hilarious! We've got a ton of ducks here by us and my kids have yet to pick them up -- guess you've got proof of what happens when they do!

Michelle said...

Hey Utah Gal! I bet it is so nice to be by your sisters...your mom is probably so sad to have you all so far away!

Thanks for your reply, I can't wait to figure this kid out! I was pretty much doing what your guide says, I just have to work harder to get this kid to STAY AWAKE!

Enjoy the cool weather and your A-dorable kids! I love their play pictures!

wog said...

Hey, could be worse. She could have gotten the cuddles for a cow.