Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Quirkiness

I've been tagged by Alyssa to share with my audience/fans/stalkers six quirky things about me that you may or may not know. This was hard. Not because I don't have an abundance of quirks, but because of the time involved TRYING TO NARROW THEM DOWN TO SIX!!! Now, Jenna helped me out by stealing many of mine (yeah, we ARE sisters), but trying to whittle down the list AND come up with six that were safe to share without risking you all thinking I'm completely insane---now THAT was a challenge! Here are the top six:

1. I can NOT stand open closet doors. How can I maintain the illusion of being organized and put-together if you can see into my closets? I can NOT sleep at night if there are closet doors open. Seriously.

2. My little girls do NOT go out in public without their hair fixed. No, not brushed and combed. FIXED. Barrettes, rubberbands, something. I don't like being seen out and about with messy-haired girls who look like their mother doesn't love them.

3. I haven't painted my fingernails in about 8 years, but my toes are ALWAYS painted. Half the time, nobody even sees them, but they always get painted. My fingernails can look like they've been gnawed off by an angry beaver, but the toes have GOT to look guuuuud.

4. I want to tear my hair out when I see signs or any kind of public advertisement/writings with misspelled words or incorrect grammar!!!! Who is letting these people create sentences in public? I ask you! If you can't write good English, ya ain't got no business making signs or writing e-books or designing websites! I feel better now. (Alyssa, I know you do, too)

5. I type words and sentences out in my head. I've had this horribly annoying habit (it's only annoying to me since nobody knows I'm doing it) since I took typing class in 8th grade. If you're saying it to me or I'm saying it to you, I'm picturing it being typed out on a keyboard in my head. However, I'm sorry to say that I think this habit is being replaced by one even worse---texting! I'm starting to text words in my head now. Anyone have a number for a good therapist? (shut up, Jon)

6. I can't stand smelling like food. Blech. I hate it when I cook lunch or dinner, then have to go somewhere like to church or anywhere, really, and I smell like whatever I just cooked. I try to plan cooking around not having to go anywhere or around my showers. Cook first, shower second. Changing my clothes isn't enough. I mean, the smell stays in your hair, too! Yuck! The same goes for eating out and leaving the restaurant smelling like whatever I just ate...or what the people next to me just ate (case in point: Chili's sizzling fajitas. The waiter passes by your table carrying those things and you're done for. You now smell like green peppers and onions.)

I guess I'm supposed to tag a few people now, so....Kristi, Polly, Tami D., Lita, Camille H., and Debbie C. C'mon girls, let's have 'em.


wog said...

OK, totally laughing at the duck poop still, but I must comment on the quirkiness! Mental typing: I had a roommate in college that spelled out words in sign language as she talked. Always. She was really really fast. I know the ASL alphabet pretty well and I TRIED to be cool like her, but I would have to talk R e a l l y s l o w to have my hands keep up with my mouth. At least you keep your psychotic tendencies to yourself! I mean quarkiness.

carrots said...

OCD anyone? Ha, just kidding! I definitely understand the misspelled words in public thing, seriously annoying! I don't have your email address, so I'm leaving mine for you, it's been about a million years and since I missed ya at the Family Reunion last year, (I was really hoping you'd be there) I can maybe catch up with ya via email.
Here it is...
Yours truly,
Heather (long lost redheaded cousin :)