Friday, October 17, 2008

A Pumpkinless Patch

Welcome to day two of the saga known as "WHAT? They're all home for four days?!" I made it halfway! Go me! So here's what we did today. Once again there were lots of animals involved, but nobody got pooed on this time. We call that a good day.

Why does looking at this picture make me feel like I have a LOT of children? Yes, they're all mine.

And no, that's not an abnormally large child in that choo-choo barrel. It's aunt Beffie/BLB.

The girls loved the pony rides. They made them wear special helmets for the actual ride, then put the cute cowgirl hats on for the photo opp. Like I was gonna miss an opportunity to post a photo on my blog of Livvi in a helmet!

The petting "zoo." I use that term loosely. Let's call it a petting pen. You say tomato. Either way, a big hit with the kids.

Hallie catches some serious air...for the bargain price of $5.

Good food and good company. I love my sisters! Looks like Livvi loves her hot dog, too.

This is not an unusual scene around our house. Lucas consumes anything and everything within his reach, including but not limited to actual food and drink. i.e., Last week it was a bottle of Children's liquid Tylenol. Well, not sure how MUCH of the bottle he drank, since I don't know how much was in there to begin with. But that was 5 or 6 days ago, and he's still with us, so...maybe I can still collect my Mother of the Year award after all. I won't hold my breath.


wog said...

Yea for no duck poop!!!! Success!!

Kristi Smith said...

Children's Tylenol . . . maybe that kid should come live with me! ;)

I want a BLB and a JITT sandwich (have to look at my blog to see what I am talking about).

Carly said...