Sunday, January 24, 2010

We Heart Winter

Who'da thunk it?   Take a bunch of wimpy little desert rats and transplant them to an environment of changing autumn leaves, spring blossoms, and yes, winter snow and ice, and not only do they adapt, THEY LOVE IT!  We have truly grown to love winter here.  How can you not love waking up in the morning and looking out your front window to find giant snowflakes falling quietly to the ground?  And sledding!  I think sledding is about the best FREE family activity there ever was and ever will be.  I'm sure I'll get some comments from a few of you who disagree with my perspective on the cold weather, but I'm not ashamed to own it:  I LOVE WINTER IN UTAH!

So grown up (and beautiful).  I can't stand it.  Wasn't she just born the other day?

A rare moment:  Ben and Livvi touching each other without drawing blood.

Tiny Lucas.  Don't ya just wanna take a big bite out of him?

Look closely to the right of Livvi's head.
Gotta love the girl sprawled out flat on her back at the bottom of the hill

I just took this because I loved the view of the mountains and sky.
Did I mention that I really love winter here?

These are sort of random, but I took the kids out for pizza last weekend, and we went to this place that brings you these mahvelous bread sticks...well...on a stick!   They're sort of like bread stick skewers.  Much to my dismay, however, the kids like to play with the sticks (aka weapons) at the table for the remainder of the meal.  They're showing us some of their creative uses for breadstick sticks here:

I refer you to my earlier caption about Livvi, Ben, and drawing blood.


elizabeth said...

Okay-- this gives me hope that I will love it, too. I doubt you'll catch me sledding, but I think I can look out the window and appreciate the quiet snow.
Cute kids, by the way. Give them
hugs for me.

Anthony said...

I love Livvys facial expressions. That girl is a riot! What is up with the second child? I tell ya ... they are so much fun yet so trying.

I hated snow as a kid and still hate it now! I am glad though that you are enjoying it. It would make for some long, miserable months!

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.