Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dads I Love

This post should have gone up a little bit earlier, but I'm still a couple of hours shy of midnight on Father's day, so I'm making the cutoff...barely.

I just spent a fun weekend at a family reunion. Yes, I said "fun" and "family reunion" in the same sentence. I'll admit, I wasn't excited about it, and I wasn't shy about letting anyone within earshot know it. Mostly I just wasn't too giddy about yet another trip to St. George, after taking so many road trips in the last two months. BUT...I can admit when I'm wrong...sometimes...and I'm happy to say I'm eating my words. I had a great weekend and really loved spending time with family I've missed and don't get to see very often.

One thing I loved about this weekend was watching all the dads. Really good dads. To me, watching a man care for his children (and his wife) is like poetry in motion. A beautiful thing, really. I want to thank my cousins and my cousins' husbands for just plain being good dads. The same guys who are laughing at their own farts and playing teen-oriented video games one minute can metamorphose into these loving, caring, doting dads the next minute without even missing a beat.

I want to take a minute and tell you about a few of my favorite dads:

Jim and Phil.
These two were my favorites to watch this weekend. They are my brothers-in-law and I adore them. I don't know many men who are as hard working, generous, kind, and surprisingly funny as these two. They are both the dads of two little ones, and I watched all weekend as they jumped every time one of them needed a drink or a clean diaper or a kiss for a boo-boo. They love their wives and they love their children and it shows in everything they do. I am so glad they are part of our family. My children and I are blessed to have them around.

Uncle Russ.

I know I speak for all of my siblings when I say the following: Uncle Russ rocks! We absolutely love our Uncle Russ. In many ways, he has filled the role of a dad for us over the years. He is thoughtful and loving and giving and is so much fun to be around. I wish we could see him (and Marcia) more than we do. p.s. That actually IS a picture of my uncle Russ, and NOT a picture of Rod Stewart, just so ya know.

My friend, Jon.

If you look up "reliable" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of this guy. (this one here isn't the best one I have, but I wanted one of him with his kids!). He makes my list of best dads I know for a number of reasons, but the biggest is his never-ending devotion and constancy when it comes to his children. It doesn't matter what's happening in his life, what kind of chaos and turmoil is swirling around him, or how exhausted and overwhelmed he might feel. He is an absolute rock for his kids. He is anchored and focused and loves his kids like few dads I know. They are so lucky to have him in their lives, and I'm grateful to him for the things I've learned about being a good parent just by observing him in action.

My own dad.

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any photos of him on my computer. )o:

Many of you know that neither I nor any of my siblings really had the best relationship with our dad. But there are still lots of good memories. My dad was really good at being my pal when I was little. I remember living out in the country and him taking me out on the tractor with him and always having to dump me off at the house with my mom because I would fall asleep within minutes. I remember what a great sense of humor he had, and how much he always seemed to be laughing. I remember that he was a hard worker. I remember that, at times, he could be very tenderhearted and could feel things very deeply. I remember that he was musically gifted. He died a few years ago, but regardless of whatever difficulties we may have had, I still owe at least part of who I am to his genes and his influence.

There are so many more dads I could list here, but these are the ones at the top of my list.

Thanks, you guys, for being good daddies, but most of all, good men. The world needs more of you.

Oh, and Happy Fathers' Day!


Kristi Smith said...

Very nice post! Glad you have some good dads surrounding you!

Donna said...

So, good to see you this weekend at the FUN reunion!
I will have to agree with you on Jim, Phil and your Dad (I don't know John, but I will take your word for it). That was a well deserved post!
Love you,
Auntie Donna

Erin (and sometimes The Todd) said...

Really gorgeous! And so heartfelt! Are you sure YOU wrote this? It's so sweet that I would have expected your keyboard to burst into flames after being soaked with cynicsm all these years... ;)