Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Posting Potpourri

I'm being emailly harassed (emailly=by email) by certain members of my fan club who are wondering why I've not posted in a while. This post will serve as a means of throwing them a bone. We'll call it a potpourri of insignificant events and photos.
The breakdown: Some pics from our recent evening of fun and debauchery at the girls' elementary school carnival (good job Debbie, Holly, Lisa, and the rest of the PTO); Ben looking cute asleep; Lucas looking cute in a non-gender-specifc cowperson hat; Jacey doing her finest Kristi (token Baptist) imitation with the popular pucker (how'd I do, Kristi?). So if you've ever wondered what posting potpourri looks like...wonder no more. It's a hodge-podge of the non-stop, endless fun that IS the Reynolds' daily life.

LOVE the scowl on Livvi's face.


Crazy Hughes Fam... said...

LOVE the title...Posting Potpourri. I may need to borrow that someday. Perfect.

Kristi Smith said...

I walked instead of ran to get here because I just got off the treadmill and I am tired. ;)

Cute photos.

The pucker is an instant face lift, that is why I love it. lol

I still wish it was called the PTA instead of PTO. Who had to go and change it?

Deb said...

Kristi, allow me to enlighten you on the PTO. We do not pay money to the PTA and each school is responsible for itself. Now, my work here is done.
BTW Jacey, nice post and pics. That carnival looked amazing! Wish I could've seen it!! ;o)

Lors said...

I always have to comment on those blue eyes you all have! Beautiful!!

BossyMommy said...

Thank you. They get that from me. (o:

Jenna said...

LOVE Livvi's scowl. I miss you guys!

Kristi Smith said...

Thanks Deb, I don't attend the PTO meetings. Shame on me, I know.