Sunday, October 7, 2007

I love conference!

For starters, my husband and three oldest children just drove away to nanna's house and will not return until Tuesday night. Can you hear the angels singing???

This turn of events gives me time to sit quietly and reflect on the wonderful messages given over the past two days at our General Conference. I've compiled some of my favorite quotes (these are severely paraphrased, so they're not word-for-word) and I thought I'd share them on the blog. Some of these are deep and meaningful, while others are lighthearted and humorous. I love our prophet and other leaders because they're able to pull off both!!! Here they are, in no particular order:

Pres. Henry B. Eyring: Every person upon entering the world is given the Spirit of Christ. Everyone has had spiritual experiences, though they may not have recognized them as such.

Claudio Costa: We can lay down our lives for our families by giving them our time, love, and affection. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old. The past doesn't come back, and the future might not come at all.

Julie Beck: Spiritual growth happens best in a house of order. (amen, sista!!)

Dallin Oaks: What your children really want for dinner is YOU...The home is the basis of a righteous life.

Enrique Falabella (summarizing his words): He told the story of how his family was terribly poor growing up, and how he desperately needed new shoes. He went to his father one day and showed him the big hole in his shoe with his big toe sticking out of the top. The father did his best to fix the shoe, but the toe still stuck out. When he pointed this out to him, his father quickly remedied the situation by putting black shoe polish on his toe so it matched the rest of the shoe!

Dieter Uchtdorf: The gospel is clear and plain. It answers the most complex questions in life, yet can be understood by a young child...Endure JOYFULLY to the end (don't just endure).

Michael Teh: To some degree, I am still carried on the shoulders of good men and women. I suspect that we all are.

Jeffrey R. Holland (my favorite): Any who dismiss the idea of an embodied God dismiss both the mortal and the resurrected Christ.

Douglas Callister: None can permanently endure on "borrowed" light.

Steven Snow: My mother was the travel agent for guilt trips.


wog said...

Thanks Jacey, wasn't that a great conference? I want to put "good better best" up on my walls. I LOVE sister Beck. I thought she spoke directly to the issues we face as women and her talk was awesome. (meaning it gives me a LOT to work on!) Gotta love president hinckley. AMAZING!

melmck said...

my fav is the "travel agent for guilt trips." robby and i both liked that one. thanks for the quotes so quickly!

The Epps Fam said...

Man, conference was fantastic this last time! I loved Elder Oaks little laugh he did after he said "Our children want us for dinner". He spoke at our stake conference a year ago and he laughed at all of his own jokes, and there were plenty of them!! It was sooooo funny!!
I'm glad we have leaders that all have such a good sense of humor.

Michael and Cara Hill said...

I loved the quotes you put on your blog. Micahel and I passed by your hubby going into Mexico the weekend of general conference. I can't wait until the Ensign comes out so I can catch up on the Mormon news! P.S. So sorry I have been a lame-o and hadn't put a your link on my blog but jacey it was always in my heart! haha :)

The Holmes Fam said...

I loved the conference talk this time around. I felt like they were all written just for me as a new mom.

The Epps Fam said...

Jace -
I just wanted to let you know....IT'S A MIRACLE!!! Kirsty and Josh did something with their blog.
Speaking of which......when are you going to update yours????
Love ya!