Thursday, October 4, 2007

Four Freaking Things

Jenna tagged me (she knows how much I love these things), so I'll play, just this once.

Four jobs I've had:

-Potato sorter at the potato farm in Queen Creek, AZ. Dirtiest, stinkiest job I've ever had (outside in AZ in July), but some sweet moola.
-Gal Friday for Tailoring Shop. Owned by a little italian (dare I say mafia) woman who scared me A LOT.
-Customer Relations Specialist (or some title I made up for myself) for a glass subcontractor. That was a fun job!
-Receptionist then sales assistant, then cashier then operations manager for NYSE firm Prudential Securities--did that one for about 7 years before I got promoted to wife and mom.

Four places I've lived:

-Queen Creek, Arizona
-Troutdale, Oregon
-Marion, Arkansas
-Sierra Vista, Arizona

Four movies I love:
-Happy Gilmore
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Dragonfly (obscure Kevin Costner movie with a GREAT ending!)

Four movies I'd love to see:
-Any four where I get to leave my children home with a sitter.

Four fave foods:
-Anything spicy

Four weird things about me:
-I have monkey toes (so I'm told)
-I can't sleep unless I'm hugging a pillow
-My hair falls out after I have a baby (yup, it grows back)
-I get up at 4am every single day (weird or crazy? you be the judge)

Four places I'd rather be:
-Love to see Hawaii
-Getting a massage and facial at Total Bliss Salon in Mesa, AZ
-Somewhere with lots of fall colors and cool temps
-Having a girls' night without the kids

Guess I'm s'posed to tag 4 people now? Ok, then:
-Jenna took all my taggees (I guess I could always try tagging gramma Elsie's blog, but I'm thinking she'd not be very likely to respond)


The Holmes Fam said...

Oh man, I totally remember Tina from that alterations place you worked at in Mesa! And Partitions & Accessories. Remember how many model homes we looked at, some even while ditching 2nd grade and kindergarten! Oh, and I stole your Christmas countdown thing - it's way better than mine!

The Epps Fam said...

Whatever!! You guys BOTH stole my christmas countdown, thank you very much!!!!Mine is on the very bottom of my page and I've had it there forever, JERKS! Just kidding. I love it, Jace. I especially like the part about Grandma Elsie. Can you imagine her writing 4 things???? That would be HILARIOUS and probably very confusing to understand.