Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lookie what we found!

Water! We found WATER! Actual running water in Arizona. We took a drive up to one of the canyons on post last weekend and found water! The kids had so much fun playing in the strivver (too big to be a stream, too small to be a river, so I'm calling it a strivver, even though Jenna says it's a creek, which would make more sense. I grew up in AZ, people! OK?? I don't know about such things!).
L wasn't enjoying dipping his tootsies in the ice-cold water so much, and O was a little disturbed by the freaky looking water spiders, but other than that we had fun. And this time we didn't have to drive to the tops of the mountains to find it!! CLICK HERE to see all the pics from this day.

And here we have some recent shots of our little L. The only reason he gets away with playing in the toilet is because he has the biggest blue eyes and longest darn eyelashes I've ever seen (if you don't believe me, click the two closeup pics below to see the full size). Those eyes save him every time!


The Epps Fam said...

Ummm HELLO! Don't scare me like that again! If you do something like that ever again, I will have to announce that you are on my blog even if you really aren't.
(You know what I am talking about)
Oh, and I am so glad you found a river/stream. I have to admit, the first time I saw one here, I was thinking to myself, "Oh my goodness, H2O!!" Good thing I didn't say it out loud. That would have been embarrassing. OH and by the way,your kids are so cute. I love them and miss them. No worries though.....they'll be here for Thanksgiving, right?

AdamSam said...

It's a miricle, running water in Arizona!! Your kids are so stinken cute, I just want to squish 'em! Tell the rugrats I said HI =)

The Holmes Fam said...

I think between a river and a stream is a CREEK. Of course, we wouldn't associate a creek with running water, since the Queen Creek we know and love has only ever been a dry bed of sand. I like how you call your kids "white trash" in the web album. So mean! They are so cute!