Friday, August 31, 2007

What happens in playgroup...

...stays in playgroup...usually. I'm breaking the rules this time, mostly to be annoying, something at which I work very hard.

Despite threats of bodily harm from the photograph-ees, I feel I MUST post these pictures taken today at our monthly breakfast playgroup (along with some commentary). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these particular pictures say a whole LOT about why I love my girlfriendz (yup, with a Z on the end to indicate they're "special"). These women are good and fun and gorgeous--inside and out. I love them to pieces. I am so blessed to know them and probably lucky that they even let me hang around them. Some little-known and recently-acquired facts and quirks about the playgroup girlz:

Tami: Has severe snot issues. If you want to see a pregnant lady run away REALLY fast, just blow your nose or have your snot-nosed child occupy the same space as her. Tami does NOT do well with snot.

Debbie (who is normally quite a fashionably modest dresser but had just finished teaching an aerobics class): Prefers letting her dog eat and lick food off the floors--and baby's high chair--to sweeping and mopping.

Pam: Secretly longs to have a 5th child. Also engages in hair-pulling, nail-digging cat-fights with her siblings at family reunions. You wanna have Pam at your next party, don't you? Tip: Make sure you have a first-aid kit on hand.

Polly: Will behave like an out-of-control drunken fool if she over-does it on the caffeine. We tried to get her to drink some today just to see what would happen, but she was disinclined to acquiesce to our request. Bet you want POLLY at your next party, too, eh?

Natalie: (not pictured because she was sick today--we missed you, Natalie!) Wants to go to Mexico this Labor Day weekend just cuz Mexico's close, and in case she moves away soon, wants to be able to say the following: "I went to Mexico." Good luck, Natalie!

I'm not sure if I adore these women BECAUSE of these quirks, or in SPITE of them. Doesn't matter...I just love 'em!! Thanks for being such a bright spot in my life, girlZ!


The Epps Fam said...

So are your kids considered the playgroup or are you and your adult friends the playgroup?? Ha ha! Playgroups are fun. It looks like you have a fun bunch of friends to chill with. When I do stuff with the moms in the ward, we never bring our kids. I think we would forget about them if we did. I know - sad, but true.

BossyMommy said...

Responding to the above:
Yeah, that's the idea. We DO forget about them. We send them off to the play room and we eat and laugh (and gossip, but only a little). Yes, we do have fun. It's VERY therapeutic and I love it!

Katie said...

Hey...That looks like my sister Tami in the back ground.

Snot...yea thats a good one.


wog said...

Wow! I'm famous! Thanks for the blog - sorry i grossed you out with my snotty kid tami, he was snotty enough to make even a non-pregnant-and/or-snot-phobic person grossed out. ;) Fun morning, fun ladies. thanks bossymommy!