Friday, August 10, 2007

The first...ok...THIRD day of school

What is that saying about some road somewhere being paved with good intentions?? Hmmm....

I wanted those precious pictures of my girls on their first day of school this year. Not AS important in H's case, since she's a big second grader and an old pro at this school stuff now. But it was O's first day of Kindergarten, for crying out loud! I can't even say that we were terribly rushed and ran out of time. I just plain forgot. And they were so cute that day! So yesterday, I figured I could maybe still snap a few pictures and pretend they were taken on the first day of school, and none of you would be any the wiser. Whoops. Forgot again. But alas, today, on the THIRD day of school, I got them together and made them do their backpack poses. First day or not, they're still dang cute (don't you just love their little maternity tops?). O is LOVING kindergarten, so far. Ask me next week and we'll see. H likes being the big sister at school and bossing...uh...helping her little kindiegartner sister. And mommy? Mommy still thinks all-day kindergarten is the best thing since Matthew McConaghey. What WILL I do with all this extra time???

Incidentally, the pictures of L and B are just random. B didn't want to be left out of the picture-taking fun, and L is just too dang gorgeous to be left out! Look at those peepers!


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The Epps Fam said...

I love the new pics!! I really miss them and want you to move to Utah, so that Braddock can have more cousins to play with and I can have another sister to hang out with. It would be like old times......except we wouldn't be going to Chiles every weekend and cruising Mill Ave.