Saturday, June 30, 2007

Picnicking in the Sky

Today was picnic day. Sort of. Mommy wanted to drive onto the fort and go to one of the lovely picnic areas there. Daddy had other ideas. We drove our non-4-wheel-drive mini-van up to the top of the mountains in search of a camping area. Took us two hours round trip.
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE FOR WOMEN: When you say, "Dear, let's take the kids on a picnic," it translates in their ears to the following: "Let's find the most primitive, steep, no-maintenance road in the county and drive on it until the kids are crying and throwing up."
We did find a campground, but there was a fee, and as usual, nobody had any cash on their person. Darn kids. You try to teach them responsibility but when it's crunch time, they always forget to bring their cash. So we drove some more. Very rough, windy roads. Very car-sick mommy. Very tired, angry L! Finally just pulled off to the side of the road and climbed up a steep hill and sat down and ate. We were there for what was a grand total of 20 minutes. The hill was so steep that the kids' food was rolling down the hill away from them. We all had on slippery flip-flops, so climbing was interesting! Daddy was the only one who wore proper hiking shoes. Of course, he was also the only one who knew we'd be at the top of a mountain! But we took some good pictures (yes, the ones here) in order to create the illusion of a joyous romp through the woods. Oh well, we killed some time! Check out the background on the pic of the 3 kids. We were dang high!

And for those friends and family who have never been to Arizona, let me clarify: yes, we do have trees (at the tops of high mountains). Yes, we have mountains, too.

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The Holmes Fam said...

I'm sorry to say but that so sounds like DAD! I was getting nauseous just reading about it. But it lookslike the kids had a good time. Phil thinks that's where they drove at Christmas (remember when they had to sneak Hallie out so Livvi wouldn't see??)