Saturday, June 16, 2007

Heat Intolerance

Thought it would be fun to take my little fair-haired albino children out for a stroll through the neighborhood today. Late afternoon, June, Arizona desert, 98-ish degrees. And yet another mother-of-the-year award has slipped through my fingers. Ah well, there's always next year. Had to take a picture to show how rosy their little cheeks get just from a 10 minute lap to the mailbox and back. Poor angels just don't tolerate the desert heat very well.
Also, it seems that Jenna isn't the only one with bird troubles. We have a nest on our patio with a momma and some babies. Well, the babies have been kicking one sibling out of the nest, so S has decided to adopt it. He buys crickets at the pet store, pulls their legs off, chops them in our food chopper, and feeds them to the baby bird. The kids are in love with the thing and insisted it should have a place on our blog.
The momma bird is a menace, however. She and her friends keep watch from a distance over the nest, and every time anyone goes outside, they literally get buzzed by about 3 birds continually until they give up and go back in the house. H suggested we shoot the adult birds to eliminate the problem. Think she's been talkin' to her uncle Phil again.

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