Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Heart Embly

It's been six months or so since Emily first came into my office at BYU for a job interview.  I remember thinking that I didn't know if I'd ever met anyone so instantly likable and genuinely kind.   It took me about ninety seconds to know that she was the perfect candidate for the job.  What I did NOT know at the time was that this amazing person sitting across from me would ultimately become like a member of my family, and that my kids and I would come to think of her as nothing less than that.

Emily (known to us as "Embly," because that's how tiny Lucas says it) and her super good sport husband Rey--who we also love--came to play at our house just one last time last night.  Emily worked her last day for me this week, and is moving on to the next big phase of her life as a reporter and anchor in another state.  We are so very happy for her, and never doubted for one second that she'd wow the "real" news world with her talent and personality and pearly white smile.  

But gee, we're sad, too.

People come and go in our lives, and I've found that most do little more than that.  But then there are those few, just a handful really, who leave a mark with their presence...and a very empty space with their absence. 

Embly...the Reynolds family loves and adores you and wishes you the very best.  We'll miss you!  Thanks for introducing us to your happy little world of roller skating princesses and magic ponies.  :)

(I took this with my stupid phone cam and I'm so upset that it turned out so bad.  But it's still a great picture so I'm sharing it)


Donna said...

Jacey, I am sad for you, too...I have had a few dear friends, like "Embly" that are in my life for just a moment and yet they are "eternal friends".
Love to you and your sweet family!
Auntie Donna

Karly Staples said...

She worked her last day!!! WHAT!! NOOO! I love emily!!!! Thanks for being such a great boss. I have to tell all who read this blog that Jacey is thee best boss. Although she hates to be called that. So I call her Princess instead. Jacey and Emily are truly a delight to work with!

BossyMommy said...

Thanks, Auntie Donna.

And's a joy working with you commoners, too. :) You're right. Don't call me "boss." That has such a negative connotation to it. Princess works just fine for me.

Embly said...

WOW!! You are so good at writing you made me sound great. Thanks for that!!! :)

If I was only half the writer that you are Jacey, I would blow you away with my heartfelt feelings that I have for you and your Family!! I'll try my workplace will ever take the place of your office, and no Halloween or Christmas parties will ever top yours! So many sweet memories that I never knew would come from applying for the Comms Ambass job... I thank the Heavens for the past 6 months with you. AND I LOVE YOU KIDLIES!! Thanks guys for the laughs and stories and just pure FUN FUN FUN!
P.S. Every time I call gay Rey 'Eli' I cant help but laugh, you're all too sweetly special.

Sincerely thank you for the kind words and the memorable me there are still more to come. Wherever I go over the years there is always space for the Reynolds Family. Eternal friends is a good way to put it!