Wednesday, August 5, 2009

They're Baa-aaack!

After two short, never-ending little babes made it home Sunday and sound.

I know, I know, I really should try to look happier about it...

Monday morning, bright and early, first order of business was HAIRCUTS! I've never been much into the 'long, cascading locks' look for my little boys. If I wanted to...and if I was a mean mom...I could have put pigtails on their heads. That just ain't right. So off to their respective torture chairs they went.
Look at all that hair falling onto my tiny Lucas' shoulders! Sick! Once the hair was off and the scalp was exposed, a substantial layer of sand and grit was revealed. Not a big shock. Typical Lucas. He likes to throw handfuls of dirt straight up in the air. There's only one place for it to land. And it does. I'm just grateful he hadn't turned into a walking Chia pet by the time I got to him. I expected little green things to start sprouting from his head at any moment.
Gosh how I missed this little Precious Moments face.I hauled the babes with me to BYU campus afterward and we took a walk over to the life sciences building to see some fish tanks. Not the most impressive fish tanks I've ever encountered, but my kids were sufficiently amused.

I loved Loved LOVED fixing their hair Monday morning. Cute little girls.

Welcome home, my little angels. I missed you.
Now, your mommy's off to take a nap.
Yeah, right.

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