Friday, August 14, 2009

...and then there were five.

I've mentioned to several people lately that it was very easy for me to slip into single girl mode when my kids left at the start of summer. How quickly I forgot how it feels to have to race against the clock from 4am til 11pm day in and day out. It was easy to get used to having no one to care for but me. There was hardly any laundry. Almost NO cooking. I think I only had to take the trash out to the street maybe three times while they were gone. Since their return, incidentally, it's full three days after the garbage truck empties it. (How can these tiny little creatures generate so dang much refuse? It's mind boggling). It took me half as long to get ready in the mornings and I got twice as much sleep.

But none of this is shocking to anyone who has children. It's just life. It's what I signed up for-- what we all signed up for. So, while I'm still adjusting to being a mother of four--again--after a long reprieve, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm tired and overwhelmed and short a few hours every day, but most of all just plain glad that the cubs are back in the den with mamma bear.

Winter is around the corner.

Bears don't eat their young, do they?

There are a lot of pictures here. I've been doing some catching up.

Hallie and Livvi got new haircuts today for school. Look at the cute girls with the stacked bobs! We're in Utah now. We basically have two options: the big tease or the stacked bob. I think you know which way I lean on this one.

Having lunch at the pizza factory after haircuts (and numerous other exhausting errands). This is a classic Livvi face. I just wish the lighting wasn't so horrible. Also, that Hallie's finger wasn't in the foreground. Curse you, cell phone cam!

The fam got together at the park for a family night-slash-belated celebration of Livvi's 7th birthday. I love this picture of Livvi. Look how pretty she is.
My niece, Emma. Doesn't get much cuter than that. Way to work the pigtails, Em.

Uncle Jim bought fishing poles for the kids and taught them to fish (thank you, Uncle Jim!). Ben was reelin' them in!

We went with Auntie Jenna and her boys to a park that's typically a hot-spot for sledding in winter. Can you see why? Hallie looks like a deflated balloon near the bottom of the hill.

Livvi's new friend, Randi is here playing for the first time. She just came up behind me and said, "Hey, you're really pretty." Randi will be playing at our house a lot, I think.


The Hardy Family said...

Are you sure these are your kids? When I knew you in Arizona, you just had one tiny little baby! How is it possible for you to have four big kids? Cute kids!

Deb said...

Fun hill! Were you ice blocking?
The girls' hair cuts look so cute!
I'm glad you are a family again!
(I guess I only have one sentence thoughts today...)

BossyMommy said...


Yes, fun.
No, not ice blocking.
Yes, I agree.
Me, too.
(I'm used to you)

Tam said...

Love their hair ... but do you have to do it everyday or does it just dry like that? My girls hair has too much fro to it to just lay so pretty! The fish are mighty impressive, way to go Ben! Good luck with that approaching winter crap. It doesnt get cold in Houston does it?

Lors said...

Cute hair cutes. Looks like you had a fun end of the summer bash. So what new hair cute are you going to go for??? The big tease?

BossyMommy said...

Lori, Lori, Lori. I'll stick with my flat-headed cut. Flat's where it's at, baby. Well, not always, I guess, but I'm talking hair, here.