Sunday, July 5, 2009

Feelin' the Digital Love

I snapped these Skype shots tonight of my kiddos on the webcam.

Other than some grooming issues, I'd say they look pretty darn ok. (o:
Don't really feel like writing much tonight, other than to say that I miss those little faces. Can't wait to have them back home.
Oh, and I'm extremely grateful for modern technology.
p.s. My little Livvi has her first loose tooth. What a big girl.


Donna said...

You are so blessed! What adorable kids! I don't know how you can stand being away from them for so long! It must be really hard for are right, thanks for modern tech, so you can do more than talk to them, you can see them, too! They look like they are in good health and happy...
Have a great day!
Auntie Donna

Tam said...

When i first saw the pics of Hailey I immediately thought "gotta love how Dad's do hair". How hard is it to stick a barrette in? I swear when I am gone for a day my kids look so WT! Cute kids, even w/ the grooming issues!

BossyMommy said...

Or Hallie. I forgive you.

How hard is it to stick a barrette in? Hard. Very, very hard.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is emma williams from sierra vista. i miss you guys. check my blog-

The Magpie Bunch said...

Jacey- love the cute pics of your kids!! How much longer before you get to have them at home? I loved your stairway to heaven- I can totally relate and Zach is great!! Stay tough- you can do it!! Love you- Aunt Gail