Sunday, November 2, 2008

Skunks, Spaceballs, Sassy Cats and Superheros

Once again, my lack of time and brain cells comes into play...forgot to charge the darn camera, so I could only take pictures while it was plugged into the wall. Hence, I have very few Halloween pictures to share. I know, you're devastated. It'll be ok.

Hallie: Supergirl. Livvi: Some sort of fuzzy trimmed kitty cat thing. Ben: Aniken (before he went bad, he wants you to know).

Lucas was a skunk...

...and here's why:

Does anyone smell a stinky personality?

(Hey wait! there's another blog post for today! Keep reading!)


Tam said...

Love the stinker! I think that might be my favorite of the year! Looks like you had fun at the Living Aquarium. We went to one that had stingrays and sharks. Tae at first was petrified of the sharks but eventually touched it and LOVED it! Glad you are having fun!

Deb said...

Just caught up on all the latest blogs. Cute! Did you like the aquarium? We are heading up in Dec, much to my dismay, and I am always looking for things to do. (If we hit Spanish Fork, you up for a rowdy bunch?)

Natalie said...

How hilarious is that!!! I love the skunk personality! I hope you are loving Utah!

Kristi Smith said...

That poor little stinker. He will be forever traumatized by that photo being on your blog.

I saw a skunk on the side of the road this evening, wasn't even dead.

Kristi Smith said...

Where are you?

I miss you.