Monday, February 25, 2008

26th Anniversary

Today is a special anniversary. Nope, not the wedding kind. The birthing kind. Little sis number two (the tall dark one), arrived on this earth 26 years ago today. And in keeping with a long-standing birthday tradition (the one I started approximately 20 days ago when I did this for Jenna), I now present 26 reasons we love Alyssa J. Walker, with contributions from her mom and sisters.

1. She is very hygienic - she brushes her teeth every time she eats, even if it's a snack. She carries a toothbrush and toothpaste with her at all times!
2. She is the best babysitter and aunt. She even does the dishes when she watches the boys (for FREE).
3. Go-go gadget arms. Can't reach that cookie jar way up on the high shelf? Never fear. Alyssa's arms are here! (see bowling lanes picture above)
4. She's not afraid to make a spontaneous decision, so long as it's carefully planned and well thought-out.
5. Gets big laughs out of simple things, like our mother falling down on Sunday morning in the church parking lot. Now THAT's funny!
6. Remembers EVERYTHING. (watch out for this one)
7. Incredible vocabulary comprised mostly of lines from movies and television shows.
8. Beautiful brown-eyed brunette.
9. She has an excellent sense of smell - she told us once that she "can smell everything"
10. She is wise beyond her years. She has a very old spirit (yes, that's a compliment)
11. Clumsy, clumsy girl. This makes for great entertainment.
12. She went from the fattest baby ever to, well, have you seen this girl? She's just long! Impressive transformation.
13. She's a healthy eater. Very admirable.
14. Two words: Spiritual giantness.
15. Fantastic sense of humor.
16. Very motivated and focused. She's going for her PhD! Yea for Alyssa!
17. She's always available when someone needs her ("Do you need to go get a pretzel?")
18. Generous. She came home from London with a new wardrobe and loaned out her clothes to us before she had even worn some of them!
19. Served an honorable mission for her church in Chile and speaks fluent Spanish. (wait, that's two things)
20. She is easy to talk to. She is an excellent listener and is very compassionate and gives great advice.
21. She has freakishly long Snow White-like eyelashes.
22. She dates hot guys.
23. Laughs at Jesus videos even when her family is afraid to show them to her. (don't ask)
24. She's got some muscular legs! Being kicked by her feels like you've been kicked by a horse! (don't ask how we know this)
25. Never heard a naughty word come out of her mouth (she's squeaky clean)
26. She makes a kick-ace lasagna (Bethany's word)

Happy Anniversary of the day you were born, Alyssa! We love you! CLICK HERE FOR SOME SWEET BLACKMAIL PHOTOS OF THE YOUNGER, CHUBBIER ALYSSSA


Alyssa said...

Thank you Jace!!! I love them and love that I can probably guess who said each one. I don't know that I remember ever kicking any of you, though...and definitely not like a horse...

Jenna said...

I don't remember you kicking either, but I DO remember you pinching us with your toes! Happy Birthday, sis! I hope you're having a great day. And I love this list, it's a good one.

BossyMommy said...

Alyssa, of course you don't remember. I think you were drunk at the time. (o: I can only get away with saying that because anyone who knows you knows how ridiculous the notion is. But it was Bethany that says you kicked her like a horse. Would love to hear that story sometime. Love you!!!

Kristi Smith said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!! (from the Token Baptist)

#1 sounds a little obsessive-compulsive if you ask me. Does her breath stink or something? ;)

#4 made me laugh out loud

#7 . . . I had noticed her eyes before

#16 . . . too smart to be friends with me

#17 There are times I could use someone to get me a pretzel

#22-wish my sister dated hot guys.

#23 yeah, I know, you said not to ask . . . but you know me . . . what gives? ;)

#25 she must just think them.


Michelle said...

happy birthday alyssa!

she pretty much is the best.