Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's "B" Day!

Baptism and birth day, that is. Our precious oldest girl turned 8 today and got to be baptized on her birthday. She (ok, WE) had lots of people here to help her celebrate. She looked like a princess in her beautiful white baptism dress (a loaner--thank you, Bodily's). And she only had to get dunked once. Uh, if you're not a mormon, that won't mean much to you. Skip it. One highlight (in my opinion) was the Billy Bob teeth, pictured here a few times. Daughter #2 got the most enjoyment out of them and seemed to really know how to wear them. Figures she'd be a natural.

I feel I must comment on the pic of Holly, Polly, and Debbie. Is it just me, or does it appear that Debbie and Holly seem to be conjoined by some alien life form sprouting from their abdomens? If there's a way for ham-ster Polly to make it into the shot, she'll find it. And she did. Good work, Polly. Anyway, thanks to all who gave or sent gifts and well-wishes, and/or showed up for free cake today. We're so grateful for our wonderful friends and family.

And it would certainly be wrong to post today without mentioning our wonderful uncle Jerry (my baby brother, pictured here with Hallie). We love him and will miss him so much for the next two years. He leaves for his mission on Wednesday and we're so proud of him, but my children are going to have SERIOUS uncle Jerry withdrawals for a while. We're oh so glad we got to see him today before he leaves on a jet plane.

One more side note. Notice the pictures of Hallie opening her gifts. In every picture, her friend Jordan poses very purposefully as if he's the guest of honor. We didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise. We got a kick out of it, nonetheless. Thanks for the smiles, Jordan!


Kristi Smith said...

Congrats to daughter #1! =) Do you get more than one dunk if you are bad? Just curious. ;)

I hate those teeth. lol My hubby tried to kiss me once with those things in. Ugh!

Polly is a cute alien life form.

Where's my cake?

Lors said...

B-Day girl, you always look like a beautiful princess, but when you got baptized you looked like the most beautiful princess ever. What a fun birthday present, to be baptized on your birthday.

Wow! did Polly make the cup cakes? She is so talented….Ha Ha Ha j/k

Cute pictures!
PS great talk Jacy!

BossyMommy said...

Kristi--about the dunking question, I said skip it! Read the post! (o: I have cake for you, but you have to come get it.

Lori--no, P did not make the cupcakes. We went Cosco cakes all the way, and man are they guuuud!!! I'll bring you some today if I think of it. Lots of leftovers.

Lors said...

Oh I was referring to the Hostess cupcakes in the last picture(ok dumb joke:) But ohh, Costco cupcakes…store bought cake and cupcakes are my favorite food ever!

melmck said...

hooray for baptism days!

Jenna said...

Love the baptism dress, hate the hillbilly teeth, and I love love love your kids. Sorry we couldn't be there, but it looks like it was a good time!

Kristi Smith said...

Well now you know I am going to have to google to see why you get dunked more than once. lol

I'll be there at 2pm tomorrow for my cake;).

wog said...

Yea! Then you can come over to my house (i live only a hop skip and a jump from jacey!) and make good on your promise of babysitting! I don't forget stuff like that you kow. Then we can all go shopping to Salvation army together.

Sorry, check Kristi's blog for this to make sense.

Hi Jacey!!! ;)

BossyMommy said...

ok, so i checked Kristi's blog and it still doesn't make sense, P. I mean the babysitting part. And have you ever shopped at our local salvation army? There's so much I could say but had better not. You know me well enough, I think, to read my mind.

Kristi Smith said...

Did I offer to babysit her kids? I think maybe I told her to just give them to me if she ever tired of them.

And it was Goodwill not the Salvation Army. There is a difference. lol I was a little grossed out the first time I went in there with Rozanne, but it was kind of fun. You probably didn't see the first Goodwill fashion show? I had on my blog. ;)

We joke with Rozanne by buying the cute clothes at Goodwill someone that really needs them is being deprived of cute clothes. =)

Kristi Smith said...

oops . . . how did that question mark get in there, must have snucked in while I was typing!

The Epps Fam said...

I'm so bummed I missed H's B-day. Hope she is feeling better than she was on her birthday.
She looks so pretty in her white dress. Give her hugs and kisses for me!