Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Like to Ride on My Bike!!

No, I did not stop by my local morgue and snap some pictures. These are H's legs (and an arm, too). H recently requested that we remove the training wheels from her bike. Nuff said? These bruises were acquired in a mere 24-hour period. She's a trooper, though. I'll give her that. Only one real accident to speak of: this morning as she was riding out front and O was walking around out front, O "wasn't paying attention and wouldn't get out of the way!" Those were H's words. So we had the little talk about drivers and pedestrians and how responsible drivers always watch out for other cars and other PEOPLE. I'm sure that's the last time we'll have to have that talk. Uh-huh.
(by the way, a handful of you will recognize the song reference in the title of this post. MOM?)


wog said...

They are all badges of honor. A testament to Hallie's tenacity and courage! Go Hallie!!

Roger, Tiffany & Michael said...

Wow, I had no idea bike riding could be so dangerous! Michael will probably have training wheels forever! :) What a tough kid.

The Holmes Fam said...

I know that song... "I fall off the handlebars and my [sister] runs over me!" That is hilarious. Her legs remind me of my legs when I would ride my bike. Remember my Massalah wipe-out? Good times.

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

wow her legs look like mine! except i think bryan beats me in the night, i don't ride a bike.

i love the things kids say, doesn't that sound like something an adult would say in the case of an accident?

Kristi Smith said...

I have a social work degree and I am required to turn you over to social services.

Just kidding . . . well about the turning you over to social services part.

But don't post any morgue photos again or you may receive a phone call or a knock at the door. =)