Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cinnamon Roll Heaven and Fall Festival H*ll

Lookie what my wonderful friend Laura made and brought for me on my birthday this morning...warm, squishy cinnamon rolls! These are the best dang cinnamon rolls EVER (no offense, mom). H proclaimed them to be "cinnamon roll heaven." Right on, H. She even had a hard time tearing herself away to go to the primary pizza party. She said she didn't want to leave the cinnamon rolls. Weird kid, yes.

Last night was the much-anticipated Fall Festival at H & L's school. I must say that, despite my dread of taking all four kids to a school event by myself, a good time was had by all, and B even won a prize for "Most Creative Costume" in the 4 and under age group in the costume parade. This puzzled me a little, since he was one of approximately 27 other pirates there, but I was informed it was because *HE* was the cutest pirate. No argument there. Everyone LOVED L's hair, and H was a big hit, too, because she had such a great disguise. Some of the kids/adults there had a hard time recognizing her. I told her that's a
sign of a great costume, and that made her happy. L's teacher LOVED her costume, and commented on how "real" her eyes looked. I told her that I just punched her in the eyes to get a more real effect. After thinking immediately that I probably shouldn't have said that to her teacher, she shot back with, "Well, it works out because the black eyes will probably last 'til Halloween and you won't have to do her make-up twice." Way to go, Mrs. J! What an awesome Kindygarten teacher!


The Holmes Fam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your kids' costumes turned out absolutely perfect, probably the best kid costumes I have ever seen! Hallie does NOT look like herself, Livvi's makeup is amazing and Ben has such a cute face you could put anything on him and it would look good. Nice work, mamma!

Adam & Samantha said...

Wow, those costumes are great. I seriously could not figure out who that was in the first costume, I just asumed it was Hallie! Who know such cute kids could look so scary, and Ben looks so cute with that wig on! Hope you had a great birthday =)

The Epps Fam said...

WOW! You did an awesome job with their costumes! Livvi's hair is SO her! Your kids are all so dang cute. Only 20 more days til we get to see them!! Whooopeee!!

aberjaber said...

Jacey- You always seem to have exactly the amount of energy I need. (Also- friends who BRING you cinnamon rolls already cooked and everything. That would have been a huge plus. *See blog.*) Fun to see all your pics. Hey- do you have an email for Carly?

BossyMommy said...

Uh, aberjaber, yes, I do have Carly's email, but WHO ARE YOU? I can't tell from reading your blog. Everything's in code!!! I think I know, but not 100% sure.